Kent Farmer's Market

  • j 60 North Main Street (across from the Fife 'n Drum Restaurant), Kent, CT
  • m 860.592.0061

FRIDAYS 3:00 TO 6:00 PM

Here’s a list of some of the vendors joining the Kent CT Farmer’s Market this year:

Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm ~ Saturdays. USDA CERTIFIED GRASS FED, grass-finished, pure bred, registered Galloway beef and pure bred Icelandic lamb. Their animals have the best view of the county, overlooking the valley and Mohawk Mountain! Nothing is wasted; in fact, the farm uses every bit of each animal that we possibly can from the meat, of course, to the wool to make SAMS natural, undyed wool, skins and horns. Offering: Beef: sirloins, roasts, ribs, brisket, filet mignon, rib eye, hamburger, flank, hanger Lamb: loin chops, rib chops, shoulder chops, legs of lamb, riblets, ground lamb, sausage, shanks.

Northstar Botanicals ~ Delighting in the Bounty of Your Backyard and Beyond

Buck Mountain Herbs  ~ Organic potted herbs until the July 4th weekend. This week we are excited to offer you 8" - 12" herbal clay pots; Thai Basil, Lovage (a celery substitute); Silver Edged Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Chocolate Mint, and of course, Patty' s Parsley!

Mountain View Farm ~ Fridays.  Beans (Green, Yellow, Purple, Haricot Vert) ~ Organic Heirloom tomatoes ~ Cucumbers ~ Summer Squash ~ New Potatoes ~ Kale ~ Lettuce Mix ~ Arugula ~ Garlic Scapes ~ Shallots ~ Herbs ~ Garlic ~ Local Honey ~ Eggs ~ Maple Syrup ~ Strawberry Jam ~ Pickled Scape. Visit us on Facebook

Ridgway Farm ~ Fridays and Saturdays.  Blueberries ~ Sunflowers ~ Peas ~ Onions ~ Summer squash ~ Carrots ~ Beets ~ Salad greens (baby lettuce, head lettuce, spicy mix) ~ Broccoli ~ Radishes ~ Garlic ~ Kale ~ Swiss chard ~ Sugar snap peas ~ Hanging baskets ~ Potted geraniums ~ Cut flowers - snap dragons & zinnias ~ Maple syrup ~ Rebecca's farm note card.  Visit us on Facebook.

Village Farm ~ Fridays and Saturdays.  Sweet corn from Dykeman's farm in Dover, N.Y. ~"Lively" Salad mix ~Arugula ~Beets ~Superfood! Green & dinosaur kale ~Green, yellow & zephyr summer squash ~Pak Choi ~ Green cabbage ~Scallions and garlic scapes ~"Just a pinch", small bunches of fresh herbs for a just a dollar ~Colorful mixed Zinnia bouquets ~Our own strawberry and black raspberry jams ~Baguettes from Berkshire Mt. Bakery in Housatonic, MA ~ Fresh goat cheese from Stone Silo Farm in Woodbury, CT. Visit us on Facebook.

Annie Bananie Ice Cream ~ Fridays only.   Locally made ice cream, delicious lemonade and refreshing iced tea/coffee.

Spring Lake Garden Design ~ Fridays only. Original container designs, plants grown from seed for cutting gardens, and miscellaneous other plants to get your summer garden party-ready. Visit us on Facebook or HOUZZ.

Beckerman Photography ~ Fine art photographs of local organic and sustainable livestock and agriculture. Sustainable greeting cards and organic clothing apparel. All contain imagery from the fine art series. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

NEW LOCATION: 60 North Main Street (across from the Fife 'n Drum Restaurant) in Kent, CT.