Privacy Policy

This is the online privacy policy of . Please remember that this site and the servers that make this site available are located in the U.S. By using this site you agree to the transfer, collection, processing and use of data by this site. The content on our sites may include, among other items of interest, information on , local information, surveys, sweepstakes and contests, advertising, entertainment, and games online. We may also offer opportunities to apply for employment.

Other Information We Collect Online:We may collect personally identifiable information submitted by a visitor in connection with registration or other activity. With the permission of a visitor who is 18 years of age or over, such personally identifiable information submitted in connection with a registration or other activity on our websites may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. If believes that anyone’s behavior on our sites may damage us or our sites or anyone else, we may disclose the relevant personal information in order to prevent this harm. In that case, we might try to identify the wrongdoer, contact them or bring legal action against them. We may also disclose personal information if we believe that the disclosure is required by law, or in response to a legal request.

We use "cookie" technology (where our servers deposit special codes on a visitor's computer) to track the total number of visitors to each of our sites in an aggregate form. We do not automatically extract personally identifiable information in this process. The "cookie" technology will only be used to track non-personal information such as type of browser, operating system, and domain names to customize the website for each visitor and to improve the visitor's online experience. We also use other technology, called clear GIFs, to provide us with other important anonymous information, such as when an e-mail has been opened. These tools help us understand features that interest our visitors.

We may use a third-party advertising technology to serve ads when you visit our website. This technology makes you anonymous to our ad-serving partner. In the course of delivering our advertisements to you, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. We also transmit website usage information about visitors to our web site to the servers of a reputable third party for the purpose of targeting our Internet banner advertisements on this site and other sites and to learn which ads bring users to our website. To do this, we use clear GIFs and cookies provided by our third-party ad server on this site. The information that is collected and logged on our behalf through this technology is not personally identifiable.

In some instances, when contact information has been provided by the visitor, and the visitor is 18 or older and has indicated that he/she would like to receive communications from us, we will send notices to visitors, usually in the form of an e-mail. These notices, sent periodically, will announce website upgrades, new product information, promotions and other similar updates that may be of interest to the visitor. Our mailers and other notices tell the visitor how to "opt-out" so that he or she can stop the notices at any time. may also collect personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and the like, when voluntarily submitted by a visitor in one of our guestbooks, registries, contest, or survey sections. Except as provided below, we do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 18 without prior verifiable parental consent. We ask for age first so that we can provide our younger audience with an appropriate questionnaire that does not ask any personal questions or limit information that we collect. In the case of online promotions and other activities, we do not condition a child's participation on the child's disclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity. We may collect your child's first name and e-mail address to respond to your child on a one-time basis. This contact information is deleted from our system after the contact. We may also collect the name of your child, his or her e-mail address and an e-mail address of a parent to obtain your consent, where consent is required. In this case the information is deleted from our system if you do not give your consent to the described use of the information within a reasonable time. In some cases we collect the name and e-mail address of your child so that he or she can be contacted more than once as necessary in connection with a specific request from your child (as, for example, in connection with their registration in a contest or sweepstakes, or signing up for an e-mail newsletter) or when we deem it necessary or prudent to protect the safety of your child participating in interactive activities such as a chat room, message board or e-mail service. In each of these situations, we also collect your e-mail address so that you can be notified of the child's entry in the program or service. In the notice we advise you that you have the right to request that the child's contact information be deleted from our database. The limited information obtained in this manner is used only for the purpose indicated and is deleted from our database at the conclusion of a limited-time promotion, program or activity.

You always have the right to request that contact information regarding you or your child be deleted from our database. To request deletion of your contact information in our database, please click here for more information. Upon proper identification, parents may review the personal information we have collected about their child, request deletion, or refuse to allow further collection or use by writing to us at the address above.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time by posting it on our web site.